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9th November 2000

Webjet, Australia's leading internet travel provider, today announced the addition of a wide range of special business bargains to its product offering.

Webjet's Managing Director, David Clarke said 'We have selected over 30 very special value business fares on a range of airlines, including Qantas, Olympic, Philippine Airlines, and Garuda, covering most major world destinations. In many cases the savings can be over 50% of the published airfare, for example on Philippine Airlines to Manila our price is $1799, a saving of over $2,800 on the standard published fare, on Qantas to Bangkok, our price is $3,089 a saving of nearly $1,100 on the published fare, and on Garuda to Hong Kong for example, our price of $1,999 is a saving of over $3,700 on the published fare. On Eva Air to Honolulu, for example, the Webjet price of $3,199 represents a saving of $2,695!

In some cases, the business class fare is available for little more than a normal economy. Webjet is offering Garuda to London or Frankfurt for $2,999, a saving of some $6,800 on the normal published price.'

Webjet will be undertaking a special direct marketing campaign to small business under the banner headline: 'Webjet, Better for Business.' Webjet's site has full tabular details for these offers.

Webjet's ASX code is WEB

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